This site is dedicated to all the men who have been screwed over by their Ex-Wives. Both my friend and I have been taken for almost everything we own. So in order to get our revenge, we decided to post naked pictures of our Ex-Wives on the internet for all the world to see. We also feature nasty photos of other men's Ex-Wives who have done the same to them. We think you'll enjoy this site, just as much as we enjoy the success of getting our revenge!
I have to say this is AWESOME! I was recently divorced, and I WISH I still had her photos! She got pregnant with someone else's child, suddenly left, emptied the bank accounts, took my car, and took my children. Now I have to pay her for doing it! I REALLY WISH I STILL HAD HER PHOTOS!
Charles Peters

I think the site is great. I hope you all do well with it, and I hope the Ex's get theirs in the end. I might be back (not getting along too well right now with my wife) with some pics of my own. Good luck.

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